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and center into the presidential campaign. i think romney is trying to put the president on the defensive. that will give some perhaps glancing blows in the upcoming debate but if he wants to move aggressively to talk about substantive foreign policy, he's moving into an area that the president believes he's stronger and foreign policy is one of those areas where the incumbent has greater advantages and we will a he hear it in the upcoming debates. g.m. is alive and obama that will work to the disadvantage of romney. he wants to talk about the economy, which i think is what he sees as the administration's weakenings. the more time he spends on foreign policy it takes him away from his core message. >> eliot: the issue of iran and the bomb that was in the news during the u.n. general assembly meeting, where are we on that. the president seems to be inching towards a demonstration towards a lack of patience and the israeli view is that the time runs short. i mean is this a matter of months where we need some resolution? >> well, i think there is some makings of a deal but it's going to take
justice believes that a criminal defendant has the right to take the stand in his own defense. but that's not in the constitution and in fact, it wasn't even a practice at the founding in no state court in no federal court could a criminal defendant take the stand in his own defense. the constitution, as you mentioned, doesn't say presumption of innocence. it doesn't say rule of law. limit of government, federalrallism, separation of powers, right to privacy. it has the bill of rights but it doesn't say it. even conservatives, they believe in federalism and separation of powers. these are unwritten concepts. >> eliot: trying to put boundaries on where one can impose upon this document and one like you who believed it has evolved necessarily to reflect the values of our modern society, how do you impose limits upon how far you can go and the best argument i've ever heard for originalism is there is an amendment process. therefore if you want to find within the document something that was not there textually go o
the defense budget. sequestration that would cut the defense budget which is a huge part of the growth of government that republicans are now out saying barack obama's a terrible guy for trying to cut the defense budget. >> congressman kaufman has actually said we can cut the defense budget. >> eliot: we'll have to take a break. dick wadhams thanks for coming. you've been voted off the island. thank you for coming on. unfriendly territory. i appreciate you coming on the show. we'll be bringing you the debate live tomorrow night on current tv with our politically direct presidential debate coverage. i will be joined back in new york by cenk uygur, governor jennifer granholm, john fuglesang and vice president al gore. we'll have full pre and post-debate analysis. join us starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we'll hear a lot about healthcare in tomorrow's debate. will we get to use president obama's new healthcare system or lose it? coming up right ahead. es have been preparing for this moment for years. but all of that practic
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)